Andromachi Vrakatseli – The Politics of Urban Silence

What sounds can you hear at the center of Athens after demonstrations against the
economic crisis? Usually the sound during a protest is noise, i.e. loud or disruptive
sounds or political noise. But, after the protests, the center of Athens becomes full
of quiet sounds and silence. The noise made by the protesters has already become a
strong acoustic memory. The artwork The Politics of Urban Silence is a sound
installation that presents the transformation of Athens in the midst of crisis from a
noisy capital into a ghost town. During demonstrations the voices and the
movement on the streets are transmitted as vibrations inside metallic objects, such
as columns and railings. These vibrations of the demonstrations are recorded by the
artist with contact microphones and mixed with the subsequent silence as acoustic
memory. The artwork aims to show the emptiness of urban space as an echo of a
demonstration and silence as a political stance.

Isaac Baggaley – Eight Dreams


Isaac Baggaley is a doctoral student at the University of Huddersfield. Under the joint supervision of Monty Adkins and photographer Liam Devlin Isaac is researching the application of photographic thought and practices in sonic art, phonography and electroacoustic music with particular focus on transparency and representation of the real. In a previous life Isaac toured with shoegaze ensemble The Death of Pop

For Eight Dreams Isaac asked eight interviewees to recount a memorable dream. These dreams are presented with mimetic animation created through the manipulation of the eight voices. Each channel in the eight channel mix presents only one voice. The only sounds used in this piece are the manipulated voices of the dreamers. This piece was created in fulfilment of a MMus at The University of Sheffield.

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