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This is a working (in at least some cases) guide for the installation of TidalCycles on Windows. It is currently tested for Windows 10 and should work well for a clean install. If it does not work for you, please feel free to get in touch for help.


So first of all you will need to install four pieces of software.

Once downloaded, run each executable and install with default settings unless you strongly prefer otherwise. Once you have installed Haskell, open cmd.exe as administrator (right click, run as administrator), then run the following:

cabal user-config init

This will show you the location for the cabal config file. Once you have this location, navigate to it and open the config file in a text editor and paste the following code at the bottom of the document:

extra-prog-path: C:\Program Files\Haskell Platform\8.2.1\msys\usr\bin
extra-lib-dirs: C:\Program Files\Haskell Platform\8.2.1\mingw\lib
extra-include-dirs: C:\Program Files\Haskell Platform\8.2.1\mingw\include

Once pasted, then save the document, close cmd.exe and reopen it as administrator again.

Installing TidalCycles

Now you are ready to do the main part of the install, good luck!

In your newly opened cmd.exe (as administrator) run the following lines:

cabal update
cabal install tidal

This should take a few minutes and will download and install TidalCycles and its dependencies.

Next, open SuperCollider and run the following command by typing it into the text field, having the typing cursor on that line and pressing ctrl+enter:


This again could take a few minutes and if it works well should say that it needs to recompile. At this stage simply close and reopen SuperCollider before moving on. This is a one-time stage.

Lastly open Atom and go to File -> Settings then go to Install on the left bar. Then in the search bar under "Install Packages" type in "TidalCycles" and press enter. It will search and suggest the TidalCycles package for Atom. Then simply click install and wait for it to finish installing. After that I would suggest closing and reopening Atom and then you should be all setup and good to go!

Good Luck!