Guideline on Studio Usage

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Studio Usage Manual

Powering on

                         Main power.jpg

You will find the main power switch in the right hand corner of the studio close to the main right speaker.

Flick the switch and it will illuminate and activate power to main speakers, mac and all connected equipment.

[NEW] It is a studio policy that you do not turn off the Mac Pro -- it should always be turned on. However, if you found it turned off and use it, switch it on pressing the universal power symbol at the back. But always make sure to check if the Mac Pro is already on by waking it up (by using the mouse or the keyboard).

                         Mac Power On.jpg

The Mac Pro should already be connected to a stereo Scarlett usb audio interface labeled 'Studio Mac Interface'.

                         Main interface.jpg

On the front of this you will see the main volume control (monitor level) and a separate smaller headphone volume control.

If you wish to use your own laptop there are 2 ways.

You can either connect via usb using the Scarlett spare audio interface labeled 'Laptop Interface'.

                         Laptop Interface.jpg

This interface is already connected to the main speakers.

It is a plug and play interface so no drivers are required but you may have to select it as the chosen output from the system preferences on your laptop.

Sometimes audio applications such as 'Reaper' will have their own audio preferences from where you will also need to select the Scarlett device as your chosen


You can also connect using the headphone output from your device by using the attached mini jack cable.

                         Headphone jack.jpg

For more than two channels you will also need to turn on the DACS 8 channel volume control

                         8 channel power 1.jpg

and the Ferrofish Analog to Digital Converter below it.

                         8 channel power 01.jpg

You will also need to power on each speaker.


There is an on/off switch at the back. When switched on the power light on the front should turn amber then green.

When leaving the studio please follow these steps in reverse and remember to always leave the studio as you found it.