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Studio Booking Guideline

Electroacoustic Studios Booking System

The Bennachie Studio, our main, multipurpose electroacoustic studio, and the two other project studios can be booked by staff members, postgraduate students in composition, and upper-level undergraduate students who are registered for or have completed any of our electroacoustic composition courses.

In order to book studio sessions students need to get a booking account. To get your booking account, please contact Dr Suk-Jun Kim or Adam Cresser, Music Technician and Studio Manager. To view the schedule and book your studio sessions, please visit Studio Booking.

General Information about the EA Studios

There are three electroacoustic music composition studios. The main studio (Bennachie) is centred on a Mac Pro 6 core computer, running Digital Audio Workstations such as Reaper, Logic and Digital Perfomer with access to a wide range of sound transformation software, including GRMTools, Pluggo, Waves, Soundhack, Audiosculpt and Michael Norris. Studio control is via Icon Qcon Pro (extended to 16 channels) with stereo monitoring via Genelec 1038A speakers (+ 2 x 7070A subwoofers) and 8 channel and surround sound monitoring via Genelec 8250APM speakers. The studio can accommodate compositional projects up to 32 channels.

Two further studios (Mither Tap and Tillimuick) are also Mac-based with Reaper and a range of plug-ins.

For further information about the studio usage, contact Prof Pete Stollery.