Traces and What’s left
7 October 2017

Traces and What’s Left: Constructing a Communicative Form as an Artist Practice



Research synopsis

Our investigation into this topic will focus on how we as artists create and construct communicative contexts within practice of ‘erasing’. Particularly, we will focus on what ‘erasing’ does to our experience of a piece of art. What happens when there is absence and only a suggestion? What is the familiar/unfamiliar relationship and what effect does working with this concept engender? What are the listeners’/audiences’ roles within this type of work?

We will explore ‘erasing’ as a methodology within sound and digital art practice, look at the structures surrounding this methodology and identify key practitioners who use, apply and develop this working method. We will identify the value of working in this way (practically and conceptually) to the development of artistic practice and ask: When does erasing become narrative?

This could be seen as a light-hearted and playful investigation, but also holds the potential for a deeper application towards our understanding of human conditions.

Research Team