Marta NoOne
15 September 2018

Marta NoOne is an Italian sound and visual artist, now based in the north-east of Scotland. Deeply interested in chaos and order interactions, she’s engaged in an aesthetic-philosophical research that uses sounds and images to create other possible etheric worlds. In this path she has organized unconventional events of electronic music and contemporary art, has collaborated with several artists of the Roman area in live and theatrical performances and has produced original soundtracks for independent short films.

With her partner Ugo Vantini she created Silent Chaos, an electronic and electroacoustic experimental duo wherewith they have released 2 albums and several single tracks for compilations worldwide, and have performed in different venues, museums and art galleries in Italy and at the SERG 2018 conference in Aberdeen.

She’s currently studying for a Master in Sonic Arts at the University of Aberdeen (UK) with a Carlaw-Ogston Music Scholarship.

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