Kim Walker
7 October 2017


Kim Walker is a Scottish artist working with sound, video, installation and new media. She gained her MFA in Studio from SAIC and her BA (Hons) Time Based Art from DJCAD. Kim also holds a PgDip in Library and Information Studies from the University of Strathclyde.

Kim has exhibited widely through artist-led spaces, larger galleries, video screening festivals and radio broadcasts. Venues include Centrespace, DCA (Dundee), Exhibitions DJCAD (Dundee), Heaven Gallery (Chicago), Area 405 (Baltimore), Studio 41 (Glasgow) and South Hill Park (Bracknell). She has held artist in residence positions with Common Ground Projects, Exhibtions DJCAD, SSW, Outlandia and recently with the Woodlands Trust Scotland at Glen Finglas.

Artist Statement

I specialise in the use of digital media, in particular, sound, video and digital installation. My work explores pathos within playfulness, humour and the everyday. I create settings in which the mundane and the playful, ordinary gesture can suddenly invoke existential and poetic meanings. Through my art practice, I seek to understand pathos, our personal experiences and how we interact with rules and each other. I am interested in the intimate spaces we create that exist between human beings, such as temporary spaces that exist when we play games. My work explores spoken and unspoken words, intakes of breath, reactions to specific experiences and situations, internalisation of thoughts and what we choose to present of ourselves to the outside world.

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