Images: In and Out of Space Symposium – March 2017

Rediscoveries 7 with Paul Koonce (as part of In and Out of Space Symposium with Trond Lossius and Johannes Deutsch) – 16 March 2017

17358688_10154505014216295_7598708519188144810_o 17308735_1261156813938696_5940818448280254380_n 17358864_1260834253970952_6929330877914160582_o 17353375_1260834240637620_4645721244109651500_n 17362637_1260834220637622_6326069846899380227_n DSC02585 DSC02584 DSC02583 DSC02582 DSC02581 DSC02580 DSC02579 DSC02578 DSC02577 DSC02576 DSC02575 DSC02574 DSC02573 DSC02572 DSC02569 DSC02568 DSC02567 DSC02566 DSC02565 DSC02564 DSC02563 DSC02561 DSC02560 DSC02556 DSC02553 DSC02551 DSC02545 DSC02544 DSC02539 DSC02536 DSC02535 DSC02534 DSC02527 DSC02526 DSC02522