Symposiums, Conferences and Special Projects
7 October 2017

SERG organises various research meetings, symposiums and conferences based on group members’ various research interests and outcomes. Also SERG members work closely with each other or collaborate with researchers from other disciplines on a diverse range of research projects, most of which have been focused on SERG’s research theme, New Approaches to Sound and Place.

Sonic Realities: SERG International Postgraduate Research Conference 2018 – 25-26 May 2018


Interpretations and representations of reality benefit immensely from engagements with sound, whether as a standalone phenomenon or as part of multi-sensory experience. However, as composers, listeners, and researchers of sound our approaches to working with sonic realities are bound by subjectivities. This is often influenced by our ideologies and socio-cultural experiences of our sonic environment. With this conference, we wish to shed light on the aesthetic, scientific, technical, historical, social, cultural, psychological, and philosophical ways in which we approach and work with our sonic reality.

Conference Website

In and Out of Space Symposium – 17-18 March 2017

The Aberdeen Bestiary: Sound-Image-Narrative

The Three Cities Project