Fast and Slow – Music Research Seminar Talk

MRSS talk given by Dr Suk-Jun Kim

MRSS talk given by Dr Suk-Jun Kim

(By Suk-Jun Kim)

Last Thursday, I gave a presentation at the Music Research Seminar Series (MRSS) 2014-15. At the presentation, which was titled, Fast and Slow: Changes in One Composer’s Artistic Questions, I discussed the gradual, and sometimes, drastic changes in my artistic questions with my early, mainly electroacoustic compositions to more recent works, which involve sound installation and live coding performance, as some examples.

The main two issues that penetrate the whole artistic practice of mine are temporality and the sense of place, and these days I am more and more interested in the correlations between the two on which my current projects are focusing.

You can download the slides I used for my talk here:

Fast and Slow: MRSS 2014-15 Presentation by Suk-Jun Kim


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