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The Witching Hour with Fiona Soe Paing

Scottish/Burmese Aberdeenshire based electronic producer and vocalist, and an associate member of SERG, Fiona Soe Paing will be headlining with a solo audio-visual performance at Woodend Barn Arts Centre, Banchory, on Thurs 27th Feb, as part of The Witching Hour series of events, curated by Ross Whyte.

Featuring visuals  by New Zealand based collaborator Zennor Alexander, the show combines off-world electronica, surreal 3D animation and live vocals, in an unsettling and hypnotic “live cinema” style show, which wastes no time in submerging audiences in its mutant world.    The show showcases material from the recent “Tower of Babel ” EP, released on Black Lantern Music label, which received a Four Stars review in The Skinny magazine, and which was created with production funding by  Creative Scotland. Continue reading

Voicing the Voiceless in the Sea of Trees – by Ross Whyte

Aokigahara is a dense 14 square mile forest which lies at the foot of Japan’s Mount Fuji.  It is also known as Jukai, the “sea of trees” and is famous for being Japan’s most popular suicide destination.

I had first became aware of Aokigahara and its morbid phenomenon in early 2013.  My initial investigations led me to numerous sensationalist reports and discussions.  Further reading, however, revealed an ancient mythology connected to Aokigahara: tales of yūrei (tormented spirits) said to haunt the forest and rumours of the custom of ubasute (the abandoning of elderly or infirm relatives) also taking  place there. Continue reading

Hearing the sounds of the fantastic animalia


The Wolf - The Owl - The Swan - The Caladrius

The Wolf – The Owl – The Swan – The Caladrius

The Aberdeen Bestiary: Sound-Image-Narrative is an artistic research project led by Dr Suk-Jun Kim and Prof Pete Stollery from SERG, and was one of the inaugural beneficiaries of a bursary from the Aberdeen Humanities Fund at the University of Aberdeen. The project is supported by the Special Collections Centre at the University of Aberdeen. Continue reading


From Space-Specificity to Site-Specificity

(I delivered this paper at the 2013 Festival L’Espace du Son in Brussels, Belgium this November.)

Today I would like to talk about a compositional issue that has grown to become a major concern for me over the last several years. And it became more pertinent and urgent to examine this issue when I started teaching composition in a higher education. It has to do with the environment I am in when I compose, but it is not merely an environment or a tool as it governs the whole process of how and even why I compose. Continue reading


Pile Driver – by Pete Stollery

I am in Prague for a performance of my piece Three Cities which was a finalist at the Music Nova 2013 competition. I had some free time today so this morning, as I often do when visiting a new place, I went for a walk around the city with my recording device (Zoom H6). I’ve never been to Prague before and people have variously told me that I must see the Castle, Kafka’s grave, the Christmas Market, and other tourist locations so this is how I found myself at the eastern end of the Charles Bridge, which was not far from my hotel.

Continue reading