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From Space-Specificity to Site-Specificity

(I delivered this paper at the 2013 Festival L’Espace du Son in Brussels, Belgium this November.)

Today I would like to talk about a compositional issue that has grown to become a major concern for me over the last several years. And it became more pertinent and urgent to examine this issue when I started teaching composition in a higher education. It has to do with the environment I am in when I compose, but it is not merely an environment or a tool as it governs the whole process of how and even why I compose. Continue reading


Pile Driver – by Pete Stollery

I am in Prague for a performance of my piece Three Cities which was a finalist at the Music Nova 2013 competition. I had some free time today so this morning, as I often do when visiting a new place, I went for a walk around the city with my recording device (Zoom H6). I’ve never been to Prague before and people have variously told me that I must see the Castle, Kafka’s grave, the Christmas Market, and other tourist locations so this is how I found myself at the eastern end of the Charles Bridge, which was not far from my hotel.

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